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  • B.Sc. University of British Columbia (2008)
  • Juris Doctor, University of British Columbia (2013)

Bar Admissions

  • British Columbia, 2014

Frank is a Vancouver-based civil litigation lawyer with an interest in insurance defence, bodily injury and commercial disputes.

With a background in life science, Frank is well-versed in injury litigation and regularly handles cases involving complex health issues such as chronic pain, orthopaedic fractures, brain injury and psychological conditions. Having obtained a business law concentration from University of British Columbia, Frank advises clients on business disputes including breach of contract and shareholder disputes.

Frank strives to provide cost-efficient dispute resolution services. Wherever possible, Frank seeks to reach resolution by negotiation or mediation. When settlement cannot be achieved, Frank advances his clients’ positions in Court. Since being called to the Bar in 2014, Frank has successfully advocated for his clients as trial counsel in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Frank was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada when he was 13 years old. He obtained his B.Sc. (Microbiology & Immunology) in 2008 and his Juris Doctor in 2013, both from University of British Columbia. Frank is one of the few trial lawyers in British Columbia that is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese.

Notable Cases
  • Notable Cases

  • Notable Cases

    Lalonde v Lyall, 2019 BCSC 2259. Defence counsel in a personal injury matter where the plaintiff sought damages in excess of $750,000. The court accepted key arguments from the defendants, awarding under $240,000 in damages.

    Li v. Gill, 2020 BCSC 1298. Counsel for the defendants in a personal injury matter where the plaintiff sought damages in excess of $800,000. After successful cross-examinations of the plaintiff and her husband, the court ultimately awarded less than $100,000 in damages.

    Walls v. Ocampo, et al., 2020 BCSC 499. Counsel for the defendants in a motor vehicle accident for which liability was admitted. The court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim of $250,000 for loss of future earning capacity, and reduced the plaintiff’s non-pecuniary damages by 20% to account for her failure to mitigate her losses.

    Naidu v. Zhong2019 BCSC 1064. Frank acted as co-counsel for the defence. The defendant obtained a dismissal of the plaintiff’s injury claim based on a successful liability defence.

    Dornan v. Stephens2019 BCSC 701. Frank acted as co-counsel for the defence. The defendants obtained a 30% deduction of the plaintiff’s damage awards based on a successful contingency argument.

    White v. Bysterveld2016 BCSC 1952. Frank acted as co-counsel for the defence in this concussion claim.

    White v. Bysterveld2016 BCSC 1741. Frank acted as co-counsel for the defence. The defendant successfully excluded the plaintiff’s pain journal on a voir dire hearing.

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