Banks, credit unions and financial services providers operate in a rapidly evolving environment in which consumer needs and expectations are changing and regulatory pressures are increasing. Eyford Partners understands the challenge of finding balanced resolutions when faced with multifaceted and intertwined risks.

Our experienced lawyers are problem solvers who craft comprehensive solutions that consider regulatory, reputational, legal, financial and operational risks, tailored to your risk appetite and strategic priorities.

We navigate disputes and investigations across complex compliance and regulatory issues, including anti-money laundering, privacy, and consumer protection. We also handle fraud and cyber security incidents and corporate security, class action, securities regulation, professional regulation, insurance, creditor recovery, and employment matters. We provide our clients with timely and practical advice, seeing matters through to resolution.

We provide our clients with responsive service and the highest quality of advice, drawing from broad experience to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

Compliance Issues

As regulators enhance their oversight practices, our clients must adapt to changing and sometimes conflicting expectations while working within operational and practical confines. Our lawyers handle compliance issues with careful examination and creative resolutions. We support you with discovery, investigation and communications with regulators until each matter is concluded. We can also help develop policy and procedure documents aligned with regulatory expectations.

Fraud, Privacy & Cyber Security

Fraud, privacy, and cyber security incidents can happen at any time, when bad actors manage to circumvent security systems designed to defend against risks proactively. Our lawyers have experience navigating individual targeted attacks, sophisticated persistent schemes, and employee-perpetrated fraud and privacy breaches. We provide practical, tailored advice to address ongoing situations and minimize the impact for our clients and their customers.

Consumer Protection Issues & Resolving Complaints

Consumer needs and expectations evolve quickly in changing economic environments. Responding to consumer complaints requires meaningfully addressing issues while limiting risk. Through our operational experience and understanding of regulatory expectations, we help minimize the impact of complaints for our clients. We provide practical solutions to resolve matters before they turn into litigation or regulatory issues.

Account Agreements & Contracts

In complex regulatory environments, our clients’ relationships with their customers is also governed by account and service agreements. Our lawyers have experience creating these agreements and other consumer contracts underpinning this relationship. Through clear, simple and thoughtful language, we ensure that our clients and their customers understand their respective obligations.

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