The law is our calling, its practice is our craft, and our clients are our highest priority.


In dispute resolution, there is little room for error. We ensure that our clients start out on a solid footing and are guided through the process with skill and care. Should it come to litigation, our advocates draw from a deep well of experience as counsel at every level of court in Canada. Forged from the largest law firm in Canada, we’ve designed Eyford Partners to be responsive and agile. A true boutique, we bypass the bureaucracy of a big firm while retaining the capabilities of a much larger operation. Eyford


There are no shortcuts to excellence, only dedication to its pursuit. Our advocates approach the law as a calling: a craft to be honed through experience and scholarship. This good-natured & knowledge-driven approach means that we are lawyers with whom you will actually enjoy partnering.

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Our philosophy is that the purpose of knowledge is to be of service. In Insights and Seminars, our lawyers share their thoughts on developments in the Canadian legal landscape and what they mean practically.