The law should serve everyone.

It should serve people from all backgrounds, communities, and walks of life, including individuals of limited means.

Eyford Partners is committed to giving back to the practice of law and to the wider community. We view pro bono work as an integral part—a duty—of our profession. Our lawyers have a long and robust record of dedicating their time and effort and the firm’s resources to legal work for the public good.

This work is not something that we expect our lawyers to do “on the side” or “on their own time.” We support their drive to fulfil their obligations as professionals by giving back to the community. When our associates and paralegals work on pro bono cases, their time is internally credited as billable work. Our commitment to pro bono work is thus reflected not only in who we are as professionals but also how we operate as a business.

Our philosophy is that the purpose of knowledge is to be of service. We are proud of the expertise that our lawyers have obtained through years of long study and dedicated effort. There is no nobler deployment of that knowledge than to help the most vulnerable members of society.

Eyford Partners proudly works in association with Access Pro Bono and other organizations that seek to increase access to justice for all members of society.